2020 Page-Antelope Canyon Summit with Alain Briot and Jeff Schewe

The 2020 Fine Art Photography Summit takes place in Page, Arizona. The Summit is a 4 day event which is followed by an optional 3 day field workshop to Navajoland and Hopiland, including Monument Valley, Canyon de Chelly, the Hopi Canyons and other little known areas.

The dates are as follows:
Summit: November 6th to 9th
Vision Field Workshop: November 10th to 12th

The Summit features both field photography and classroom instruction. The goal is to help you master Lightroom and Photoshop to create fine art photographs and fine art prints. We will have a printer during the Summit and you will be able to print your photographs during this event.

The Summit includes printing sessions during which you will print the photographs you create during this event. It also includes review sessions during which we review your work and make suggestions for improvements.

All the details of this unique event are at this link:






Alain Briot