A Case Of The Blues

An abandoned building deteriorates at the base of the Upper Blue Hills near Hanksville, Utah. “The blues” stems from the 17th-century English expression, “the blue devils,” which described the intense visual hallucinations of delirium tremens—the trembling and psychosis associated with alcohol withdrawal. This was later shortened to “the blues,” which described states of depression and upset—people and places that are empty and in bad condition—and it was later adopted as the name for melancholic songs.

Technical Details

Composite: No
EF 28-70mm @ 40mm; f/8 @ 1/25 sec, ISO 100


Awesome, Bob. this is fantastic.

Not only an awesome image, but thanks for the information re: “The blues”.

A very fitting “blues” image @Bob_Faucher !!! Very well done!!!

Thank you Jim. A little play on words in many ways.

Thank you, Dave. There ia a lot of amazing stuff out there that is mostly unseen by the vast majority of people. Maybe they are on auto-pilot. Maybe they saw something else. I have been on-site with other photographers, often shoulder–shoulder, and the resulting images are completely different.
We only see what we know.

Thank you, Jim. Too much fun finding subjects and compositions that resonate on another level or concept/