'A Deafening Silence'

Five days into a hiking route on the Isle of Skye: I set up camp in a small ravine just below the summit, doing my best to protect my tent from the wind. After dinner, I made my way up to the summit, cresting the rocky crag from the opposite side and making my way here where the view in this image revealed itself. This is an almost incomprehensible vista with a massive lake merging seamlessly with a bay and the open ocean beyond. All betwixt an amphitheater of jagged peaks. I stood there alone, the wind blowing in my face, high banks of fog rolling past the spot where I stood, bringing the landscape in and out of obscurity. I took hundreds of images over the course of an hour and a half watching the sun dip below the mountains and the color come and go from the sky. This is a time blend of the best parts of this spectacular evening. Although not perfect, I feel lucky to have witnessed this incredible place in these conditions; I am fairly certain this view was completely non existent because of the weather the days before and after I was here…on another note, the spot where I camped that night was not as protected as I had thought and I ended up getting no sleep as the wind felt like it was going to collapse my tent most of the night. I packed up in the dark that morning and descended the mountain on the opposite side to a shelter on the beach below for a few hours of much needed sleep.

5 images blended for focusing stacking the foreground, the sunstar, post sunset color in the sky, and the fog rolling through the image. Nikon D800, 16mm, F/11 (F/22 for the sun), 1/15, ISO 100.


Great back story and wonderful photo Matt. Thanks for sharing it with the group.

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Stunning view and kudos for putting in the effort to get there.

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Thanks very much Linda!

Really appreciate that Richard. Thanks for looking!

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This is beautiful, Matt. The experience of being there to see this had to be wonder-full! Thanks for sharing.

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Hugely appreciated Greg. It means a lot!

Gorgeous picture Matt I love it. I recognise the exact viewpoint Sgurr Nastri I presume. It took me bloomin ages to get up to the summit I walked in and camped up there for two nights. Unbelievably I went in Early November and it was unfortunately for me the hottest November day ever recorded on Skye, pure cloudless blue sky, a ridiculous heat haze. The light was harsh unattractive and flat, very disappointing for the effort it took. Your image at least makes me want to go back. I got sunstroke, dehydrated and very bad leg cramps it was 82 degrees farenheit.

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Thanks very much for the kind words Ian. That is exactly right; a truly enchanting place. Hopefully you can make it back some day for better conditions!