A Few BlackBirds at Sunrise

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I like simple images. This was just a gift to have these blackbirds posed on an old snag at Bosque Del Apache during a lovely sunrise. Cropped the image to pano to help accentuate the feel and remove part of the solid black foreground. Colors as seen in the image with a tiny boost in vibrance (5 points).

Interested to hear if this works for you.

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Gorgeous sunrise and it was nice of the Blackbirds to cooperate and fill that perch so well.

Excellent colors and silhouette. Your blackbirds were pretty cooperative with their positioning. I might want to look at this with slightly less space on the right and perhaps more on the top and left to decenter the image a bit. This is a nice crop but I might want to see a less centered version.

Definitely works for me. Great sunset and I like the way the birds are nicely spaced across the snag. Would agree with David about cropping some off the right, I think the snag would create more of a leading line.