A Million Dreams

I had something like this in mind before I even stepped aboard the plane in Australia en route to Alaska. But given that it was summer, the likelihood of capturing a summertime aurora wasn’t great. Still, I prepared on the clearest night we had by shooting blue hour images till around 10pm. 3 hours later we were treated to a reasonable aurora display over the campsite. I made several exposures for the sky which I then blended onto the blue hour images.
It took about 1/2 an hour of processing time and wasn’t too difficult at all. Firstly I worked on the sky image, bring out the purples and greens. A shooting star was blended in from one of the sky frames. And then working on the foreground image, I desaturated the whole thing and worked to bring out the white striations in the rock and the glacier. While intuitively many people might try to increase contrast, I actually reduced it bringing up the blacks and shadows and then cranking up the white slider.

Sony A7R3, Canon 16-35mm 2.8LIII

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Wonderful shot, it’s often hard to balance intense colour but you pulled it off, the processing looks great.


Kah Kit, I spent two years in AK and traveled all over the state. Although I saw AB once it was nothing as grand as this amazing site you’ve posted here…:+1:

Wow, this is spectacular work, Kah Kit! Thanks for sharing.

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Very nice. I like the leading lines up close and then deeper into the image. Very nice color as well. Don’t you love it when your ideas, vision, planning and nature all come together?

It’s hard to believe that places like this exist on our planet. Simply spectacular!

Really wonderful work Kah.

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Anil said it perfectly for me, Kah Kit. Great job on the processing, and I particularly like how you brought out the levels of the FG. This goes well with the yuletide season.

This looks really great! You did a great job of making all the exposures feel really cohesive together. I think you’re totally right about being careful with the contrast for really dark images.

Dude this is killer. I appreciate the work you put into describing your editing as well.

Good heavens! Some serious eye appeal in this image. I also appreciated your description of how you thought through your vision for this scene. I suspect this scene required some creativity to “come alive.” Well crafted!

@Paul_Breitkreuz 2 years in Alaska would be a dream aurora or not!

@James_Bokovoy my vision and reality pretty much never come together :smiley:

@Ken_Henke @Brent_Clark @Bill_Leggett @Matt_Payne
Thanks for the comments especially about the processing, which wasn’t all that difficult, my skills with blending are pretty rudimentary. But there were a few small tricks I outlined which were crucial.

The colors and tones are so perfect!

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