A New Beginning

Its been a tough 2020 ! Late last year , I had decided to change the way I shoot, and go off track, and away from the way I usually compose images of the tiny world. This is the senegal damsel.

Wishing every one a very happy 2021.

6DII, 180 Tamron with extn tubes.

Balan Vinod

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No


Brilliant, I just love the cute guy down in the right corner :+1:

Balan, I have enjoyed your “off track” compositions as well. These are the kind of images that can be used for advertisements, I would think, with lots of space for print. What a cute face. I like how pretty much everything else in the image is out of focus, just his face.

I think this is really creative and certainly something that as a viewer I find intriguing. Nicely done.

Well done! Love the comp.

Balan, this works very well, with those brilliant green eyes and all of the negative space in coordinated colors.

Balan, this is definitely the type of image that works for commercial/editorial use where they need a lot of empty space for text and/or product featured. Many of us forget that if we are trying to sell our images, or license them, that this type of composition may do better than our standard composition. As a print, though, I might suggest that you could crop a little of left and top and still have that feeling of space and unusual composition. Just a thought, I love the little ‘guy’!