A Reminder: Respect Private Property Please!

I’ve photographed this location for 10+ years. Never once have I trespassed. Pleading with those who do to respect private property ALWAYS!!

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George, needless to say this is to the point and obviously must have some history associated with the handwritten addition here…:frowning:

Reminds me of the signs that were often posted on Coronado Island near San Diego, except the hand-written message was aimed at sailors.

I’m sad to report that I can clearly imagine just why the sign went up, based on the travesties I’ve seen in the name of photography in recent years. The antithesis is the premise behind Nature First, making me a proud member.

I should also confess that after almost 30 years of ownership, we finally posted our spectacular property in the Rockies. It wasn’t solely photographers, so that’s a small blessing. But there seems to be an “ethic” these days that if a place isn’t posted, you’re free to go there and do what you darned well please in the name of “freedom.” Especially if you use an ATV for a jockstrap.

The last straw was “hunters” using drones to drive an elk herd from the closed season on one side of “our” river onto our land in the other side where there was an open hunting season. Add in fences cut to funnel deer and elk past unpermitted hunting blinds. Ummm…

@George_Kalantzes I’d like to see one of your photos from there to see just what’s tempting these photographer people to trespass? :wink: