A replay with a revised photo

I am trying to post a revised photo in a replay but what appears in the replay is always the original photo that I have posted. ?

Giuseppe: Rather than using the reply, the best way to post a revision is to click on the pencil icon at the bottom of your original post (not at the end of the comments). That puts you in the edit mode and you can putyour cursor at the top of the edit screen and use the yellow up arrow in the menu bar to upload your new image. Since you’re in the edit mode you can also change the title by adding “and revision” or something similar as well zs labeling the two images so people know which is which.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Dennis, I have followed your instructions but again the download was my original version. When this problem occured for the first time I deleted the image but I could not cancel the replay that says ‘Post deleted by author’. This has nothing to do with my problem?

Hi Giuseppe,

At this point the easiest thing to do is simply create another reply. Ignore the one you deleted, that is gone.

For future reference, here is a video that shows how to edit the original post when you need to add a revised image: