A site question from a new member

I’m passing along a question from a new member I referred - that I cannot answer -
He asks:

  1. "Please explain the Galleries - this is what comes up when I try to post there, so I don’t know what to do: It says select a Gallery below, but there are no Galleries listed below

About the Image Galleries category

Image Galleries

Nature Photographers Network


Oct 18

Please select a gallery category below to post an image

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  1. What about the non-nature categories? There have been no posts or Weekley Picks for several weeks or more. I don’t want to spend time posting if the category don’t (sic) exist no longer (sic)
  2. Are there only 5 Galleries to post now? Last I looked there were the same number of Galleries as Critique Galleries.

Hi Sandy: I moved this to the site support area as I think it will get attention more promptly there.

For Site Support: I was trying to figure out the issue and I noticed that the Community Page looks like this with eight Galleries shown:

However, if you click on the Image Gallery hot link you get the screen below with only five Galleries shown:

I’m not sure where the screen is that Sandy’s friend found-I haven’t found it myself yet.

I see what they are talking about, this is a bit confusing and I will get it fixed up soon. For now they just need to visit this page https://community.naturephotographers.network/c/image-galleries rather than this About the Image Showcase category

Thanks, I will pass this on. He had other questions in the original post too… ?

Oops I didn’t see the other questions…

  1. @Harley_Goldman have picks been made recently in non-nature? Or is it due to lack of posts that no picks have been made?
  2. There are the same amount of galleries as in critique, if they cannot see them on the categories page it means they have muted those categories and they can change their preferences here: https://community.naturephotographers.network/my/preferences/categories

This is how it should look:

In looking back at the non-nature critiques, it’s hard to tell with the new format, but it appears that there have been no EP’s chosen since the middle of January. Images HAVE been posted. Sandy

It’s not hard to figure out. Go to a either Image Critiques or Image Galleries then choose a category (Non-Nature) and then click on the Tags next to it and choose editors-pick-nn

Remember you need to go to the Image Gallery and the Image Critique sections to see the editors picks from any given category like Non-Nature. There most certainly have been selections with an image picked in Non-Nature gallery that was posted on Feb. 8.

“It’s not hard to figure out.”
It clearly IS hard to figure out, if my friend couldn’t. Are there written instructions somewhere, to help ?

Did you read the message I just posted? It has a picture example and instructions.

Of course I read it.
I am asking if there are permanent or pinned written instructions in the FAQ or elsewhere that ALL can see and follow in the future - not just those few who might find this particular post.
Perhaps your post with the clear instructions could be added to the FAQ.

There is also a link at the top of the main category

From the non-nature gallery. The editor’s picks are circled.

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