A small field of blanket flowers

This turned out to be a labor of love to get the image as I wanted it. Initially, the comp was good, but awfully busy. I wanted the BG more blurred and hazy with the three gallardia in focus blossoms and some of the close stems sharp and bright.

Pertinent technical details or techniques to help others learn:

First, I separated the blossoms on a top layer, sharpened and saturated them. Using the level tool, I darkened the lower layer and darkened it further in the midtones another 8 or 9%. Then I put a 0.5 ND from the bottom to the top. Finally I put a tilt-shift blur from the bottom to the top.

After the darkening and the blur, I came back with a history brush and painted over the blurred stems and a few of the expired blossoms to bring them back to their focus before the tilt-shift blur. Then I bordered it, signed it and flattened it.

Please do not critique this image. Galleries are for sharing and discussion only.

Phil: Just a superbly crafted image from capture to processing to presentation. Marvelous.:+1::+1: >=))>