A Steep Curve

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Captured at the Thunder Over Michigan Air Show Aug. 12, 2023. This is a Canadian Version of t he Lockheed T-33 .

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Image Description

As stated above the T-33 accelerated upwards, started trailing smoke, then tipped over into a steep dive resulting the “Big Curve.” I believe the “Curve” here creates sort of a defined negative space within the larger vast negative space of the sky. The T-33 creator stands alone and small in this vastness.

Technical Details

Camera: Canon EOS R5. Lens: RF24-240mm F4-6.3 IS USM @ f/6.3, 150 mm. Shutter Speed 1/5000 sec. ISO 500. Processed using Photoshop with Topaz plug in filters.

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Robert, the big arch of contrail is well placed here. It’s also set off nicely buy the partly cloudy sky. The area under the curve works well as negative space, emphasizing how high and fast this jet is flying. However, the Weekly Challenge Criteria say that non-nature photos need to be explicity called for and this week’s challenge does not do that, so I’m moving this to the Non-nature Gallery.

Nature or non, this is a terrific geometric image. Only military planes do such takeoffs and acrobatics. I like the placement of the jet stream. Makes a terrific, simple, almost abstract image. Great sense of space.

Thank you so much for your kind words. I don’t shoot a lot of aircraft type images, but my friend and I decided to head over to photograph the Thunder Over Michigan airshow last month and this was one of my favorite captures. We left early Sunday morning , so we were not present for the Mig 3 crash, but got several images of it on Saturday.