A very rare sighting

Browsing through older images, I came across this one. Leica M8, App-Telyt 135.
African Wild Cat (Felis Lybica) is rarely seen and mostly at night. I took this one with the spotlight.
Maybe technically not perfect, but the only decent one I got in thirty years of safari.

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Hi Jaap. Congrats on this find. Given the difficult conditions, the shot turned out quite well. I’ve had a few different wildcat encounters over the years. Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park was particularly good for them… we saw eight cats in about a week’s time (all daytime sightings).


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Thank you, Max. This sighting was in Kafue National Park, Zambia. Most that I have seen were in the past in South Luanga (the number seems to have gone down presently, possibly caused by visitor overload). All have been night sightings, making photography quite challenging. The fun thing is that this one was taken in 2007 with a Leica M8, reputably not suitable for low light :rofl: Modern AI noise reduction salvaged the shot.


Cool capture of the rare subject !

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