A Wisp of Winter

Can you sniff and smell this garlic chive - reminiscent of a season past? Now it’s a winter specimen covered in rime ice. It means to bring some joy in spite of its bering cold COVID - bound.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D750, 70-200mm f4 at 120mm, 1000th sec, f4.


Hi @Larry_Greenbaum.

This garlic chive made a lovely high key image. Those black “seeds?” are full of detail to explore, even more with the ice crystals all around them.
The DOF is spot on, making the eyes wonder on the right parts of the image.
The only change i would make were to balance the negative space on the sides of the image, maybe with a square crop. It could end up to tight but i fell like the composition is just a smidge to the right. Including the whole stem on the framing was a good call, it adds details about the surroundinsg.
Gorgeous image, thanks for sharing.

Beautifully delicate image, Larry, especially close up. The detail in the seed heads is amazing. For me, the high key effect only helps to emphasize the chive. Very nicely done.

Thanks, @João_Ferrão. I appreciate your endorsement on this image. I thought a lot about that negative space on the left and, for now anyway, decided to leave it as is. I think the space gives the image more eye flow. Many thanks.

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Thanks, Linda. I guess I got rewarded for freezing my fingers to get the image. A little humor is crucial these days. I value your opinion.

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Amazing what detail and interesting subjects you can find in a snowy landscape. You captured the environmental feel of the garlic chive, with great detail on the seed head. But, I wish the stem was more in focus. Thanks for posting.

Larry: Really good capture of the seed head and I like the comp. I’m with Patricia on wanting better focus on the stem. You could use a smaller aperture for more DOF but I think if it was up to me I would pay closer attention to the plane of focus and try to stay more wide open. This does work for me as is though. Well done. >=))>

Thanks, Patricia. It’s interesting; I thought having the stem more out of focus was an advantage. Certainly, I can see it both ways. I appreciate your take on the image.

Bill, Thanks for weighing in on this image. Like my reply to Patricia, I thought shallower dof was an advantage here. I should have taken the time to set the image up both ways. I think the cold was getting the better of me and I rushed more than I should have. I appreciate your input.

Larry, Nice high-key image. Nice details on the seed and the snow on the seed pods. I go back and forth between keeping it as it is vs cropping at the bottom and right to keep a small length of the stem.