I love that places like this exist.
This is the payoff for climbing 800m elevation for three hours up a steep track with a bag of heavy camera gear. My thighs are burning, back is aching, i’m out of water and i’m wondering what on earth i’m doing - Then I come across places like this and it all becomes so worth it.

This is quite a heavy crop of a single image shot at 28mm. If I was to shoot this again, I would definitely take multiple shots and merge them into a panorama. Thanks to my new A7RIII though, even with the crop, the image is still a very decent 6950x3475px!

For reference, here’s the original image, straight out of camera.

I like what you did with this shot Michael - by enhancing the color tone you brought out it’s beautiful ‘deep in the woods’ look.

Michael, if I was looking for a textbook illustration of “making order out of chaos” this would be the set of images that I would choose to do it. You have a very finely crafted composition that truly maximizes the potential of this scene. There is a lot for the viewer to appreciate here. And you have done an outstanding job with the processing, the end result is gorgeous. This is a great illustration of how it is a lot of little things in processing that make such a huge difference.

I love how you are able to bring out your vision from the origin. I like how the crop and processing draws the viewer into the image. Nicely done.

@Dan_DellaChiesa Thanks man, definitely what I was going for!

@Ed_McGuirk Thanks Ed! Yeah a little (or a lot) of dodging and burning does a long way.

@Satie_Sharma Cheers!