Acknowledging Editors Picks

Could you tell me where to acknowledge an Editors Pick of one’s photo? There is no response to the photo post as far as I can tell, so no place to say thanks or click thumbs up. What am I missing? Thank you.

Hi @Barbara_Graham . I just looked at your posts and I don’t see anything that doesn’t have a response or more to it. Can you tell us which image it is? I’m not the best with website issues, but did you somehow get logged out and the site thinks you’re a visitor?

Hi, @Dennis. When one of my photos is picked as an Editor’s Pick I don’t see where I can say thank you to the moderator for the pick. Does that make more sense?

Hi @Barbara_Graham You can just leave a comment on the original post itself. If you want to be absolutely sure they see it, use the @ system.

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Great question Barbara. Unfortunately I don’t know of a direct link or button or anything to acknowledge editor’s picks.

@Dennis_Plank 's comment is probably the best, simply by replying to your own image post if you want to offer thanks. And great idea Dennis to use the “@” mention. In fact, I wasn’t even aware of these… but you can use “@landscape_moderators” or “@avian_moderators” etc. etc. (put in quotes to prevent the tag being applied…) and those moderators will get notified , which I think is much more effective than just replying since it’s likely most folks don’t go back and re-read posts.

Unless David has other ideas, I think that’s the best way to acknowledge the pick.



Barbara, the other thing that you can do is send the editor(s) a message, which is private. If you just comment in the thread, the editor(s) may not see your comment. Using the @ method insures that they will see it.

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I don’t believe there’s anyway to tell which moderator picked your image (they take turns). Therefore it’s best to send your message to the group.