Acorn Woodpecker

D810 iso2K 300mm f4E &1.4tc 1/2000 f5.6
From a pine woods in the Chiricahua Mountains, southern Arizona. All words welcome.

These little wonders are among my favorites, and I spent lot of time over the years watching and enjoying them. And listening to them of course! But in all those years, not so much as a snapshot. Frankly, I don’t need one now after seeing yours.

The telling feature of that is the way the light and your comp zero in on its eye. It’s the most engaging feature of the photo, and somehow bonds viewers (this one anyway). I could talk about all the other great feature, but for me it begins and ends with the way the eye dominates.

I like this a lot. My tendency would be to take a look at it slightly brighter, though.

Excellent detail in the woodpecker, Steven, and I like the background. That eye does pop very nicely.

Wow, this is a very nice catch of this guy. I am with Dave to go a little brighter but I agree that the eye does pop out really nicely here, Steven.