Adams Falls

Adams Falls

(Ed Lowe) #1

Another image from Ricketts Glen SP in PA. This is the easiest waterfall to access in the park as it is not far off of the road. This was the first time I have been able to capture the water flowing over the rock instead of around, so I was excited about that. My 17 mm was not quite wide enough for this scene so I shot two verticals and merged them together for the image.

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Nikon D800, Nikon 17-35 @ 17 mm, f 18 @ 1/4 sec, ISO 800, CPL, cable release & tripod

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(Ed McGuirk) #2

Outstanding image Ed, I love how the little waterfall is surrounded by so much interesting stuff, both in the foreground and the background. The idea of shooting two verticals here really gave you a much stronger composition than just one would have. The V shape of the gorge heading to the background falls creates such a nice “flow” in this image, no pun intended :grin:

(Michael Lowe) #3

NICE! Becoming a PS expert, eh? Great comp . I especially like the FG with the leaf covered rocks. Being super nitpicky, the bottom just left of center looks a little weird to me. Maybe an artifact from combining exposures?

(Dave Dillemuth) #4

Beautiful, Ed. Superb composition with strong lines!

(Ed Lowe) #5

Thanks for your thoughts guys @Ed_McGuirk, @Michael_Lowe and @Dave_Dillemuth. Glad you enjoyed the image.
@Michael_Lowe: I will check that out a little closer and reprocess.

(Preston Birdwell) #6

Very nicely done, Ed. That’s a gorgeous spot–will have to get there one day.

(Ron Coscorrosa) #7

I like how the composition wraps around from the bottom right corner to the main falls in the background, and all that colorful foliage on the rocks helps as well. I also like the choice of shutter speed - not so long that the detail and texture in the water is lost.

(Paul Breitkreuz) #8

Ed, excellent water cascade(s) scene. I can see your point about the water flow over the FG rock too, that is a real plus IMO. The contrasting colors make all the items in the scene come together in the end. I also like how you finished out the creek exiting the scene in the LRHC, perfect there…:+1:

(Alberto Patiño Douce) #9

Gorgeous autumn image with a really original composition - I spent quite some time trying to follow the various water stream, an Escher-style mind-bender at first…

(Ed Lowe) #10

Thanks for your comments guys @Preston_Birdwell, @Ron_Coscorrosa, @Paul_Breitkreuz and @Alberto_Patino-Douce. Glad everyone enjoyed the image.

(Jody Grigg) #11

Is it just me but the whole image seems to have a yellow tint to it?

(Nick Bristol) #12

Wonderful capture, Ed. Really enjoying looking at this. You have made some wonderful pictures from this area.