Adirondacks at Night

Summer 2020. My friend and I saw an absolutely insane view of that comet walking to the spot that night. Alien invasion type stuff. Good times.
A shot from that place in the ADK where everyone shoots the Milky Way now that has a kinda racist name…

Specific Feedback Requested

Any critiques are helpful. Processing, comp, etc.

Technical Details

Foreground is a single shot, blue hour. Sky is a single tracked shot, ISO 1600, f/5.6, 4 minutes I think. Blended using PS, then the usual contrast/color adjustments, etc.

Nice framing and exposure. I’d play with burning our the orange glow from the background sky in the extreme corners, particularly the left. I also wonder if the reflection on the water surface can be enhanced by tweaking exposure, contrast, texture there. If the MW reflection can be enhanced this will really rock. BTW, Lower Ausable Lake looking west with escarpment of Colvin & Blake on the left and of Sawteeth on the right, smidgion of Upper Ausable in the distance, taken from Indian Head, right? At what month and hour were you up there shooting?

You are correct on location. This is in July. Milky way lines up very early in the morning.
Thanks for the tips! I actually pulled the reflection back a little, I could definitely push it up a bit.

Strong composition and nice detail in the Milky Way. I grew up south of the Adirondacks so this image is reminding me of camping trips in that region.

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Mark Eley


I love backpacking in the ADK. I’m right outside Burlington, VT, so it’s really close.

Amplifiing the above comment, on the reflection in the water, I find a single image exposed purely for the reflection and blended in to the overall image works best. Of course no wind or breeze makes the task easier.

WOW!! Wonderful! All said above! I do think the reflection could be boosted a bit.

Wow, love your composition! Beautiful work. I agree with the above comments about bringing out the reflection. I also find the rest of the foreground to be a bit dark, though that’s a personal preference.