African Leopard at Kopjes

During my February Tanzania tour, we only had a few encounters with leopards. This didn’t surprise me, as I usually have better luck with them in southern Africa (the lions and cheetahs, however, put on a good show during this trip).

Despite having scant opportunities, we did have one nice prolonged encounter with a female who was napping all day in the kopjes in the Serengeti. We returned to this spot in the afternoon, hoping she’d emerge to prepare for an evening hunt. And soon she did. Luckily for us, she took her time getting going, meandering along the base of the giant boulders for a bit. It made for a lovely backdrop and an environment unlike what I’d normally find in a leopard shoot in the South African bush.

Canon 1DX
Canon 100-400mm
ISO 400


Beautiful image. Wonderful backdrop. I really like her shadow and that she blends in with the background but not so much that she is not noticeable.

Somewhat different backdrop and I like the shadow.
It would look great as a large print.