Alchemy II

I can’t tell you how great it felt to be back out in nature after 3 months. Nature sure has a healing force.

This water abstract scene captured my imagination on an alpine lake from my recent trip. I enjoyed how the morning light was reflecting on the edges of the ripples.

Technical Details

1/100 sec at f16, ISO640, FE 100-400 GM


Hi Alfredo, :slight_smile:
I really like this image, I think it’s the smoothness of the water, it seems to have a heavy viscosity and that is probably due to just the right amount of exposure on the highlights as well as the smooth waves and ripples.
I also like the mild chaos of what looks like freshly fallen leaves and foliage under the surface.

I agree with nature having a healing force.

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Thank you for the kind words!

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Your image sends rhythmic, calming signals into my brain… soothing mind waves… yes, pure sensory absorption in the beauty of nature (Schopenhauer’s “aesthetic contemplation”; just one way to describe the experience) is healing. Beautiful work. Great title, too. Your image opens the door to an invisible world.

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Laura, I love your writing and thank you!!

You’re welcome, just trying to resonate with your image as a possibly mutually beneficial exercise :slight_smile: