On a recent hike with my wife and dogs at a nearby Denver state park, I found this hypnotic scene. I couldn’t pass up the chance to photograph water abstracts. There were some trees with their limbs stretched out above the water and the sky was mostly cloudy but bright. A slight wind moved the surface of the water which helped create some wonderful abstract shapes.

Technical Details

Sony FE 100-400 GM at 135mm, ISO640, f18, 1/250 sec


These are so fun. When I hang out on the dock for a time I usually end up doing one. Great energy and tension in this, as if there is something physically on the water holding things tight. Oh and welcome aboard the Moderator Train (Moderail?), too.

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Thanks so much Kristen! I love photographing water abstracts. There is a random beauty to them.

I like the moderail reference. Thank you!

Wonderful scene, Alfredo. Such a nice, cool, relaxing feeling. Thanks for sharing.

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Luminous. Rhythmic. Painterly. A stunning water abstract, straight from nature’s paintbrush!

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Thanks so much @David_Bostock and @LauraEmerson!

Another great image man - so much to like here!

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Magical. You chose the right name for it :grin:

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Thanks a ton @Matt_Payne and @AndreDonawa ! I remember listening to Alchemy Live by Dire Straits when I edited the image. The name stuck.

Very serene and well seen water closeup. I always think I have shot every rendition possible of these kinds of scenes and then I see stuff like this that renews my excitement!

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Thank you Eric! Really appreciate your kind words.