Found this strange plant near Norris Dam in East Tennessee. I believe it’s an American cancer root (Conopholis americana), but am not sure

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comment welcome. Positive identification most definitely welcome :slight_smile:

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No

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Oh wow this is interesting. Never seen these before. The texture is pretty cool so I’d recommend a closer crop. The backlight on the farther group is pretty nice. You could play with accentuating that and adding some texture. Nice find.

Taken from the lowest possible angle this would look even more surreal. Nice find!

Cool! These look sort of like our snow plants (in northern California), although ours are red. I’m with Kris that a tighter crop would work, especially to crop out that green leaf poking in from the left.

Fascinating find! I agree on a slight crop from the top and left, to remove some distractions at the edges.