All lost

August 2021, for the Calabria (my region), Italy, will be remembered for the numerous arson fires that hit the whole territory. Hundreds of hectares of woods swept away by flames, real green lungs and naturalistic heritages, ancient areas turned into ashes, a cruel and destructive spectacle of man.

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How very sad, Antonio, but also so very true.

Unfortunately, it is happening all over our earth. What a beautiful but sad image.

Antonio, while the image shows destruction, your composition and especially the way you let the gentle light tell a story, evokes a sense of resurrection in me. May it be intended or unconsciously done by you, it is somehow comforting to me.


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Antonio, this is so sad to hear. It’s happening all over the northern hemisphere. I grieve for the loss of nature.

Withstanding the sentiment of your comment, the image is beautiful. The smokey, soft blues and yellows are very appealing and your composition draws me into the scene.

Thank you very much Linda!

Thank you very much Jim

Thank you very much Peter, I sincerely hope he will recover soon, even if a certain area has been destroyed forever

Unfortunately, it was a real environmental disaster caused mostly by economic interests and mafias.

Thank you very much Glenys

Great photograph of a true tragedy. We in California are going through much the same. Hard to understand, even harder to accept.

Thank you very much, I apprecciated.