Along Taughannock Falls trail

I took this last week when I walked the Taughannock Falls trail. It was a very grey day which helped to keep hot spots out of the water. I took this image near the base of Taughannock Falls which is the “tallest free-falling waterfall in the northeastern United States, Taughannock rises 215 feet, making it 33 feet taller than Niagara Falls.” Some day I’ll post a couple of photos of this magnificent fall.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any help is appreciated

Technical Details

Sony aR7 iv 70-200mm @ 185mm
ISO 50
ACR basics
Topaz DeNoise & Sharpen

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This is pretty tastefully composed. You have a splash of red at the bottom. The fg green plants provide life and color to the somber rocks and water. The texture on the opposite bank is intriguing. The weakest part of the image is the plant in the upper right. Cropping the right would change the composition but it might be worth experimenting with. I don’t know how you would feel about that.

I like how you composed the scene by using the rocks to frame the flowing water. I see @Igor_Doncov’s point about the plant in the upper right, although I can also see that plant, the one in the lower right, and the rocks in the upper left all “pointing” toward the middle of the frame helping keep the eye on the image longer.

I always enjoy visiting Taughannock Falls - it’s a great area with a lot of photographic potential. The only piece here that’s bugging me is the colorful flowers in the bottom of the frame. They’re the only vibrant color available and ruin the overall tonality, therefore distracting the eye quite a bit. Everything else aids in the composition as you have it, so great job with that.

A wonderful mini-scene! I love the flow of the water and the framing by rocks and plants. The highlights are delightful as is the soft gold from rocks under the water. It might be a good area to zoom in to abstractions where the flowing water is dominant n the scene.

@Igor_Doncov @DeanRoyer @Diane_Miller Thanks for all the feedback. I was standing on a ledge with barely enough room to set my tripod up. I had a tree to my left and right with tall growth so this was the cleanest shot I had. That’s no excuse for not zooming in more, but at the time I liked what I saw in the view finder. I want to play around with the crop on this image to see if I can make it better and then I will go back to this spot on a cloudy day to see if I can find a new position that won’t need to be cropped so much. Fingers crossed.

@Cody_Schultz Haha, I guess my love for flowers keep getting in the way of my photography. As I said to the others, I want to revisit this spot to see if I can get better framing. Where abouts are you in Pa.? I walk this trail in the spring, fall and winter. I stay away in summer. I usually find something of interest to photograph. Thanks for your critique.

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I’m about an hour north of Philadelphia, but my family has property near Scranton, which always makes for a nice base if I want to head up to New York for waterfalls. :slight_smile:

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