AMA - Robert Thompson

Get your questions ready for @Robert_Thompson , he will be our guest on November 22nd starting at 9:00 am Eastern time (1:00 pm UTC/GMT) for 24 hours only! You can view more of Robert’s work at

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Robert’s Bio

Robert Thompson’s interest in natural history began during his childhood explorations of a large parkland estate where he grew up. He is a professional freelance natural history photographer, writer and author with many well-known publications to his credit on natural history and photography.

He is widely acknowledged as a specialist in close-up and macro photography in the UK and was awarded a direct Fellowship by the Royal Photographic Society in 2012 for his work in the field of macro photography. He also sits on the panel for the Royal Photographic Societies distinctions awards and is also a Fellow of the Irish Photographic Federation.

As an active conservationist, he has worked on a number of high-profile natural history projects in his own country in conjunction with various government organisations in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. He also has a particular interest in dragonflies, butterflies and moths for which he has specialist knowledge.

His work is widely published in the UK, Ireland and Internationally, with numerous photographic credits in a wide variety of publications and various other media sources. His imagery has also featured in Nikon UK and Nikon Pro and Nikon Owner Magazines. He is a frequent writer and contributor to the photographic press and other natural history publications. He has had several solo exhibitions of his work including the aerial landscape collection from the highly acclaimed ‘NATIONAL HISTORY OF ULSTER.’

He has appeared on television and radio as a photographer, author and entomologist and has been a contributor to other television programs relating to natural history and photography. He lectures on photography and is a frequent traveller, running workshops in some of the most picturesque alpine regions of Europe including many of Ireland’s most iconic locations.