An Arch

One of the arches in Alabama hills, CA. This is a sunset shot from this past weekend as clouds started moving in over the Eastern Sierra range.

A Larger version can be viewed on my website

Canon 5DsR, Canon 11-24 @ 11mm, F18. Gitzo Tripod, RRS Bh-40 ballhead



A wonderful first post. Welcome to NPN. Hopefully you will participate regularly by posting images and critiquing other participants’ images. I really like your website.

Thank you for the warm welcome. I most definitely will be participating more.



Sunny, I recognized this arch immediately. I’d photographed it 20 years ago now with my 4x5 as a much tighter perspective of a sunrise take. This is an outstanding sunset version with the backdrop sun burst… :sunglasses:

Luck was on my side that day, we got there in time to scope and actually used the sun to visualize and get it inside the arch. It wasn’t easy as there was barely any room left between the camera and the rock, I had to take photo, move the camera to see and then make slight adjustments, eventually getting it right just in time.
Thank you for your kind words!


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Hi Sunny. Good to see you over here. A change of pace from FM. Excellent first post! I have been to that arch, but never photographed it, and never had this kind of light there, either. Welcome aboard and looking forward to more of your work and reading your comments!!!

Hi Harley!
Good to reconnect again bud. It’s definitely a different pace and i’m looking forward to the change. Thank you for the welcome and hope to be productive member of the community.

Spectacular Sunny! Welcome to NPN! I was there a couple of weeks ago but I certainly missed the arch you found. Congrats again!

Thank you for the warm welcome. This arch was one of the reasons I went there and luck was on our side this evening.

This is stunning in so many ways Sunny. Welcome to NPN, and thanks for sharing such a beautiful image.

Well done! I’ve photographed that arch a couple of times at sunrise, but not with such stunning results.

Thank you for the warm welcome. I’m glad you liked this shot.

Thank you. Sunrise i always end up somewhere else…this sunset i didn’t budge from my spot even though the temptation was there to shoot the sunset with lone pine and mt whitney in the frame

Awesome, Man! Good to see you posting over here.

Glad to be here. Glad you liked this one.