An interesting listen for landscape photographers

This may be of interest to some of you, or maybe not :expressionless:. Clouds are usually, not always though, a big feature of landscape images so hence the post. I had no idea of the fascination with clouds and the shear number of ways they are described.

As a landscape photographer I found it quite interesting, a amusing and a nice diversion. It’s about a 38 minute podcast by “The Daily” This is the story of the Cloud Appreciation Society and how Mr. Pretor-Pinney, backed by good will, challenged the meteorological community regarding the classification of a cloud type. Here is the link from Spotify but I am sure it is available via other Podcast apps.

Thank you for the share, Keith! I really enjoy getting lost in all the interesting cloud formations. I’ll definitely take a listen.

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I think clouds are fascinating. Thanks for posting this. I will listen to it.

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Wonderfully fascinating Keith. Thinking of joining The Amateur Cloud Society, fun stuff. Thanks for sharing this link.

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By the way, the clouds photo was taken with my iPhone from my backyard a week ago and completely over processed using the tools in iPhone :roll_eyes: One of those sunsets you see from home and go, “Why did I not go out and shoot this!!!” :angry: