An unexpected full moon

This image was taken this August. It’s a scene I literally stumbled upon, as I did not know we were to have a full moon that night. I just went out for a casual walk after my work day, in the woods outside my home, to relax and decompress. It was already late, and I wasn’t really finding anything interesting to shoot at. As the day was coming to an end, and I was about to go back home… I realized that a full moon was rising. I setup my tripod, and used the naked branches of some burnt up pine trees to frame my shot.

Single shot, converted to black and white with Lightroom.

Finding the full moon was serendipity. And this is one of the more creative uses that i have seen of a dead tree, it’s a nice bit of seeing on your part. I also like your choice to process this in B&W. I think B&W allows the shapes of the trees to play a more important role than they would in a color image. A deep blue sky might have overwhelmed those shapes. Rally nice image, thanks for sharing it with us.

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Hi Ed …

Yeah I’m living next to a small forest which was actually on fire some twenty years ago. There are burnt trees next to untouched ones, overall I’m just glad that my small forest was able to recover :slight_smile:
… Thank you for the nice feedback, joining a community where people actually take 5 mins to check out and comment on someone else’s work … is refreshing. Much appreciated.