Anhinga from above

I was standing on a pier and I looked under it and here was this pretty girl drying her wings.

I use spot metering and under exposed the frame to the point where the water went to near black yet I didn’t crush the blacks in her feathers. I just waited for her to move her head to a good position…

Please list any pertinent technical details or techniques to help others.


Hello Bob, an amazing capture with great color and detail. The wings look as if they just glow. or are backlit. Thank you for sharing.

Cool perspective. Definitely different. Where were you located to shoot that?

Thanks, Brian. I llike their wings too…pretty unique.

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Thanks…this was in west central Florida.

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I like your unique perspective and the dark background really makes her colors pop - well done!

Thank you, Dan…

Outstanding pose and presentation! Congratulations!

Bob, this is fantastic, especially considering no cloning was necessary to get that clean dark background. Really well done… such a unique image.


Thanks, Max

Actually not much work was required. She was sitting on a piling in the shadows under a pier. I used spot metering and under exposed quite a bit but not enough to crush the blacks in her feathers. It caused the water surface to go to near black. There were only a couple of reflections that I removed. Probably didn’t spend more than 15 minutes editing this one.

There were only a couple of reflections that I removed

So just to be clear, you did have to clone a bit out? If so, I’d be curious to see if pre-cloning.