Anna and the Bean Stalk

For me, this is a bit of a departure due to the sky as a background instead of an evergreen tree. Being surrounded by an evergreen forest typically makes my pictures look more alike than I would care for with respect to BOAS. Always nice to try something different

What technical feedback would you like if any?

Any concerns?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Would you do anything different with respect to the composition?

Any pertinent technical details:

Iso-2000, 200-500 mm at 500 mm, F9, 800th, D 500, tripod, -1 EV, fill flash at -2, DxO photo lab, Adobe camera raw 10.5, Topaz adjust, TK sharpening action at 5%

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I think this is a pretty neat capture. Well composed with the vine acting as a leading line. The sky background works well, as it is rather muted and doesn’t compete with the subjects. Wondering if it needs a tad more room on top; hard to say, but great as is.

A wonderful perch with great lines, David. I agree with Allen about a touch more room on top and maybe the same off the bottom. Excellent detail.

No critique from me. I wish it were mine!

Hi David
I think the sky works and the framing could us a little off the bottom or some more room on the top. Over all this is a vary nice photograph.

A bit of a head turn toward the camera would have made this about perfect.
More at the top and less at the bottom would also work well.

Hello, David, wonderful shot you have here. Why not go for a 3;2 vertical crop though ? But, love it already as presented. Cheers, Hans