Anna's Face Forward

Hovering away from the feeders. Just lucky it faced me at the moment I hit the shutter. Beak could be a little sharper.


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Pertinent technical details or techniques:

iso 1250, 400 + 1.4X, f5.6, 1250th, 40% of full frame, no flash
Is this a composite? (focus stacks or exposure blends are not considered composites)

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Looks like he’s asking to have the feeders filled up, Allen. He stands out very nicely on the soft green background. Fantastic photo and nicely done.

Very unique image. The direct, head on look is cool.

Very cool, David. I don’t mind the slightly out of focus bill-as small as these things are it’s pretty much impossible to get that much depth of field without resorting to flash. Well done.

I like this a lot the movement of the wings giving the feeling of flight and the head on position.

Terrific detail. The twin breaks in the wings is interesting - I have no idea if it’s a result of synchronous / symmetrical molting or if there is a natural break in the feathers there. Hm. Absolutely lovely. The centered composition enhances the idea that they really do go in all directions at a second’s notice.

Awesome capture, David! Perfect that he was out in the sun for you with a light background! Nice motion in the wings too!

Nice head-on shot. It looks like he’s giving you the once-over - twice!

A very nice head on shot with the gorget lit up. It is an unconventional view and it generates a lot of interest. Also, the molt is synchronous between right and left wings and the image shows this well too. Awesome shot…Jim