Ante Freeze

Shot this Hibiscus on January 1 before we had our first freeze of the winter. Alas this plant and the pentas in the BG have succumbed to colder temps. The hibiscus may rejuvenate in the spring but the pentas never recover. Gives Chrissy an excuse to buy some more :roll_eyes:. All comments welcome. >=))>

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Minolta 100mm macro,
ISO 400, 1/500 @ f5.6


Nicely focused on the pistol, Bill. The background is nicely muted and helps to set off the flower. Nice!

Lovely capture, Bill. Your POV gives this hibiscus a sense of character and energy a typical portrait shot wouldn’t have. Very nicely done.

I love the image and the title, Bill. It is hard to believe that this was taken in the dead of winter. You all have some pretty mild weather most of the time, evidently. The position of the flower coming into the image is pleasing, and the focus on the pistol is really nice. Well seen and captured. Glad you got it before the colder temps hit.

Gorgeous!! You certainly got tack sharp focus where you needed it! And the colors are perfect, with the BG so nicely subdued but playing a supporting role. Could be interesting to tone down and cool the leaf at the top edge.

It seems bizarre how cold weather has reached so far south. NW of San Francisco, but up in the inland hills, we’ve had quite a few nights down to 24 degrees, but it warms up quickly after sunrise. Some things I never should have planted are very unhappy, but I just saw today that a clematis has buds! And a moderately unhappy daphne has some little blooms. Need to get out the macro and my kneepads.

@Bill_Fach Hi Bill, I was attracted to this unusual view of the hibiscus looking down. The gentle curve of the pistol caught my eye. Nice focus on center of flower and pistol.