Anybody have experience with youpic?

Have been approached by to display my photos. Never heard of them but they claim to have some very famous photographers have images with them. Anybody know anything about them? Is is legit? Is it worthwhile? Is it safe to provide them high res images? etc etc. Thanks

I see nothing about how they’re going to market your photos, i.e., draw all those customers in so you can make some sales. I might not have followed the alleyways far enough but their marketing plan and history is vague to nonexistent in anything I saw. That is unless you’re going to buy and sell photos between members. Also didn’t discover much info about their printing. Quality and pricing could be killers.

Color me an old skeptic. But I’d need to know a whole lot more before I started paying them to be in charge of my hi res files.

They’ve reached out to me pretty often and just seem like a Viewbug knock-off. If you look at their site you’ll see there’s very little engagement and the quality of images isn’t great as a whole. Personally, I wouldn’t say it’s worth using the site.

Thanks for taking the time to offer your insights. Appreciate it.


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