Apple Solo

What attracted me were the apple trunk, field layers , textures and late summer colors. Not sure if i captured this well. This is a different subject matter for me so…

Specific Feedback Requested

Comp but processing especially (LR).

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
70 mm f/13 1/10 sec iso 100

I like the placement of the tree on the left. It feels like it is facing to the right so for me it has pleasing balance. Is there any particular processing input you are looking for? With my woodland images I tend to emphasize the main subject by creating tonal contrast with the rest of the image (dodging and burning), and detail contrast (apply sharpening to the main subject only and perhaps a modest amount of negative dehaze and/or negative clarity/texture to other parts of the image).

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Color is what makes this image for me. The yellows, cyans, greens and even blues blend, separate, and blend back again beautiful. The composition is awkward to my eye. Given the challenges of the comp I may have just worked on the grasses. An intimate of the apples within the foliage would have been another option.


I like the layers of color front to back. Only suggestion I have is the clone out the hanging limb on the tree on the left. It is an eye magnet that interrupts this beautiful scene.

@DeanRoyer @Igor_Doncov @Eva_McDermott thank you for yoour comments and suggestions.

Igor I also thought there was something off in the comp and am posting a rework of the comp which I believe is stronger…thoughts?
Dean, incorporated some of your suggestions which I liked as well.

I prefer it as originally presented, without the crop. As presented you get a duality thing going where tree trunks kind of bookend the left and right sides, and my eye moves back and forth (in a good way for me). As cropped, I think the tree on the left now looks too cramped to the left edge, and feels less balanced to me. And as others have said, the various layers of color and texture are what appeals to me most about the image overall.