Another image in my growing photo montage (composite) series. This one is titled “Arashiyama” after the famous bamboo grove in Japan. It’s a dream of mine to visit that place although it’s very touristy. Colorado ponderosa pines combined with bamboo like tree trunks.

Technical Details

Two images combined with the base image being an ICM shot.


Wonderful dream like quality to this one, Alfredo. I love how the bamboo seems to be embracing the ponderosas. I am really enjoying your montage series. This one has such a gentle feel.

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Thank you kindly Linda! Happy to hear you are enjoying this series!

This is not what I thought it was after I opened this one up. Who knew it was a composite? Not me. It looked like a large grouping of trees with trunks highlighted. Very, very creative. Thanks for sharing and also inspiring others to get out there and get creative too. You’ve got me hooked, Alfredo.

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Thanks so much David! I’m still thinking about a title for this project. Maybe Connections or Discovery. We will see. It’s been fun creating these.

Such creative application of ICM and ME techniques here Alfredo! Always a big fan of these from you

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I love the creativity applied here in making a scene which you are heavily inspired by, using what is around you and the techniques you have acquired over the years. Per usual, absolutely wonderful photograph Alfredo.

Thanks very much Ben!

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Thanks Cody! That’s really kind of you!

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