Arboretum in the Evening

Was just walking around the US arboretum this fall and just before the sun set there was about 10 minutes of amazing light. Just had my sony rx10iii and at times I wished I’d at my a7iii and a tripod but I wouldn’t have gotten as many images if I was shooting handheld so no complaints.

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Gorgeous color, and wonderful light.

Where is this arboretum?

Hi Preston, It’s the University of Wisconsin Arboretum in Madison WI. Pretty amazing place, over 1200 acres, extremely varied, sort of famous, input by people like Aldo Leopold. Was listed in Outdoor Photographer magazine this fall as one of the 10 best places for fall color. Neat place, and luckily I live in Madison!

It is a beautiful place. I hope you got more images of the Autumn color. Might be interesting too with the bare trees.

A little far for me–I’m in CA.