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This year there were more Little Blues to photograph than in the past two years. I had l lot of fun watching them from the Zodiac. This shot was taken on Aug. 14, at 7:35 AM in Old Lyme, Ct.
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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon R5, Sigma 150-600mm, f7.1, 484mm, -.7EV, 1/2000, ISO 400. The shot was cropped by 60% and I lower the highlights in DXO Photo Lab 4.

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Superb job on the exposure with excellent detail. I really like the head turn. The setting and depth of field work well for this image.

I do believe this is a Snowy Egret and not a juvenile Little Blue Heron. The coloration around the eyes is all Snowy as are the yellow and black legs, more so yellowish as juveniles or first years. It is a nice pose and the control on the whites is spot on.

Hi Chris
I stand corrected. I was going by it’s greener legs then I had seen on most Snowy. But of course the real tell is the yellow patch between the eyes.

Another tell tale sign is the beak. Snowy’s have longer and more slender beaks than the Little Blues and solid black…

A very nice job on this image, Peter. I like the head turn and pose a lot. Excellent detail in the plumage as well.

HI David, Chris and Dennis.
Thank you for the comments.