As the day begins

As the day begins
These rays of light through the trees
Awaken the ground

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I love sunrise. This is a very peaceful image. The early morning fog indicates it was a calm and quite morning. I sat and looked at this image for a while wishing I was there experiencing it. The very bright sun may bother some, but that is part of the experience when it starts burning off the fog. Fine image.

I, too, love sunrises (and sunsets), especially with fog involved. This is beautiful. I like everything about it, including the spider webs. Excellent.

I really like your work, Ben. But this is my absolute favorite that I’ve personally see of what you do! The colors are beautiful and the hills/shapes of trees in the distance are perfect! My favorite haiku of yours too! Nice capture!

Wow Ben! This is a stellar image for sure and if not my all time favorite of yours it certainly is high on the list. I love the warmth this image exudes along with the way the sun is burning off the ground fog. I too enjoy the peace and calm of the morning before the hustle and bustle begins for the day. Of course the rays are simply fantastic and the icing on the cake for this scene.

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As others have said, Ben, this is a marvelous image. Not only in its presence but also it’s spirit. Thanks for sharing.

Beautiful, Ben. I love the warmth and the optimism of the coming day. I might be inclined to clone out the branches coming in from the left a little above center but certainly not an image breaker. Outstanding image.

Gorgeous!! The quality and complexity of the light is wonderful! The blown out areas around the sun are unavoidable and can’t be faulted. It’s a small issue, but I wonder if the yellows are a bit too yellow – have you explored tweaks in the Temp and Tint sliders in raw conversion?

I love this image.
Not only the beautiful light but the away you approach the composition with all that space on the right that I think it really works here.
I do second @Harley_Goldman suggestion to cloning those little branches. They do caught my attention very fast.

Sunrise, fog, backlight, and God Rays, what’s not to like ?

A really sweet image Ben. I like how you chose to include a lot of the landscape here, and not just the area near the tree. The backlit fog in the right half of the image is really nice.

@Harley_Goldman , @Ed_McGuirk , @Vanessa_Hill , @joaoquintela , @linda_mellor , @Ed_Lowe , @Richard_Teller , @Jim_Gavin , @Diane_Miller .
It’s so nice to see that my image shows morning peace. It was real quiet . No sounds and indeed so peaceful . So what I experienced did come over. Next to that, all you appreciation gives me more than a good feeling.
Your technical remarks are helping me making my work better. Important to me because I always say " I just do". And it seems with succes reading your remaks.
Thank you all so very much !!

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That is impressive work, Ben! I love foggy sunrises and this shows perfectly why that is. Beautiful work!

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