As the storm arrived

Antelope Island in Utah is a wonder. I always prefer it in winter because of the lack of people and moments like this…as the storm arrived.

Fuji X-T2
Fuji 55-200mm
Adobe Lightroom SEP

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Fabulous image!

Thanks Tony!

Mark, that evokes the best in the long tradition of landscape photography. I could look at it all day. Very well done.

I grew up in Salt Lake City and cut my teeth in photography taking a BW darkroom course at the U in 1970. At that time there were still ruins from the old resort called Saltair on the shores of the lake, and I spent a lot of time there photographing them and Antelope Island. Unfortunately, the photos are long gone…

I arrived in Utah just over 4 years ago and now live in Ogden and work On the base. Utah is breathtakingly beautiful

Thanks Hank! It has been rather moody the last few days here in northern Utah.

Mark, thanks again for sharing this beautiful moody BW scene. The clouds are quite stunning,

You are more than welcome Alan! Funny how I got the best shot…while I was leaving! :wink:


I like the B&W very much, I can’t say I have ever seen such a frightening here in the netherlands. The good chosen contrast made this story. Well made Mark.

Bedank Ben!


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That is gorgeous!

Thank you Laura! I was fortunate to be there while it was so moody!


Thanks Hank and what a lovely compliment! Being in Utah affords me the opportunity for some stunning vistas. Sorry for the late response.