Aspen Ridge outside of Buena Vista

Aspen Ridge outside of Buena Vista

(Monte Trumbull) #1

Stopped up here yesterday morning and conditions are as expected. Some nice pockets, but a ways to go.

(Brent Doerzman) #2

Thanks Monte! That’s one area I’ve never been up to at all, looked into it a little last fall but never went. Do you think it’s worth the drive once the colors kick in a bit? I know it’s not a spot for grand scenics, but seems like it might have some nice intimate stuff? Thanks for any info!

(Monte Trumbull) #3

Hey Brent. The area is real nice, kind of like a mini Kebler Pass. The road passes through about three miles of aspens. There are lots of nice stands that make for great detail shots. There are also a few areas that look out to the west at the Collegiate Peaks, as well as to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains to the south. I would recommend a stop by if you have time. The nice thing is that the colors around here usually turn a little earlier. There is good shooting up there right now and it probably will be close to peak in a week or so. Let me know if you are coming and maybe we can meet up!

(Brent Doerzman) #4

Thanks so much Monte! I definitely want to check it out sometime. I sadly don’t get out and about this year til the 28th, so might be missing out on that area it sounds. We’ll see! Thanks again!

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