Took this image in the Kosciuszko National Park, the shape of tree reminded me of the sculpture of the Greek God Atlas who personified endurance. Atlas was a Titan condemned to hold up the heavens or sky for eternity after the Titanomachy. This tree seems condemned to the same, and certainly seems to have endured hard times.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback appreciated.

Technical Details


What a beautiful tree and such an inviting pastoral surroundings as well. I think it could use a bit more saturation (if just a tad) and perhaps a bit more contrast in the ground/trunk area.


Don, this is a wonderful, pastel, pasture setting. I love it. I get a sense of haloing around the branches, against the sky. But that’s subtle. Nicely seen and terrific capture/processing.

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Winged victory of Samothrace

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Very powerful image, Don. This is a stunning old tree and you captured it well. Like David, I like the softness of the background with the light fog and the tree blends in well. The beautiful stones wrapped around the tree add to the story line and power. Wonderful!!

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I love the tones and the composition. The tree appears mighty and yet fragile. Love the stones.

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This is lovely. Your analogy is perfect!

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Absolutely stunning photograph. My only suggestion is to print it BIG!

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I particularly like the way the horizon echoes the shape of the tree first-class image with nothing to critique.

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Thanks Jaapv! :pray:

Thanks Youssef! Will print it BIG! :+1::pray:

Thanks Bonnie! :pray:

Thanks Marie! :pray:

Thanks Donna! Glad you like it!:pray:

I like it Igor!

Thanks David, I’ll take a closer look at that haloing. :+1:

Thanks Dvir, I’ll give that adjustment a try. :+1:

You’re right, that tree, with its wide branches for sure looks like it’s holding up the sky. :blush: As for the image, I think that the centered composition works very well. Also, I might experiment with some dodging and burning to help the tree pop out of the landscape even more. I don’t know, I might end up being artificial but it’s something I would try if this were my image.