Yikes, more black spruce! I’m calling this one, “Attitude” because of the arching gesture in the upper trunk of this tree. The arching trunk and outstretched branches make me think of a young gymnast who has just stuck her landing. The feeling I get is of a proud, excited child who wasn’t afraid to step out and say, “look at me”! Of course, that’s just me. How does this work for you as a graphic piece? Is it dynamic enough to capture your interest?

Kerry, I love the curved truck of this tree. It is so expressive and I’d agree, looks a bit like a young gymnast (back in the day I was one) who would so excited about just completely the perfect routine. Great capture and fun story to go along with it.

This one is really not working for me. The center branches have nice structure, but I continually find my eye drawn to the right branches and then drifting out of the image.