Autumn Hills

A few images I made last year of different hills covered in fall foliage and stormy light.

“Among Us”

“Woven Hills”

“Layered Light”

Technical Details

All single exposures made with a 70-300mm lens.


Sweet, Eric. I love picking apart vistas with a medium telephoto to find the intimate scenes. I’m looking forward to fall color here.

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Killer light, Eric. I am so looking forward tom my fall colors trip this year. This just makes makes me want to leave today. Epic side light on all of these images. Is this Colorado or Utah? You gotta love stormy cloud cover for fall colors.

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All breathtaking and gorgeous images of fall. Since you used a 70-300 lens, may I ask where did you focus on each image? Thanks

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Thanks, David! These are all from Utah. Haven’t been to Colorado for a couple years now sadly.

Thanks Mozzam, when shooting longer focal lengths I usually focus on the middle plane of the scene unless I intentionally want the background to be soft.

Thanks Eric. I am headed to Colorado in 2 weeks and plan on using my Nikon 100-400. Hopefully I can come away with some keepers. Many thanks

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Woven Hills grabbed me Eric. The overlapping layers are always a favorite, and the colors look like Autumn tundra. It’s reminiscent of the Willow side of Hatcher Pass in Alaska.

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Outstanding work!