Autumn in Santa Fe

Autumn in Santa Fe

(Alberto Patiño Douce) #1

Taken along East Palace Ave. on Halloween evening of this year. When I first visited Santa Fe over two decades ago it was love at first sight. Retirement, and our permanent move to this most unique of American cities, is only two years away. I am counting the days…

Contax Vario Sonnar 35-70mm, probably f/11, Sony A7R, 0.2s at ISO 400, +0.3EV, CaptureOne

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(Harley Goldman) #2

Beautiful urban autumn scene. I would clone out the street and stop sign as I find it quite the eye magnet in this otherwise serene scene. Two years goes quick!

(Alberto Patiño Douce) #3

Thank you Harley - yep, time goes by fast at this stage. Remember that old people told you that when you were a kid, and you did not believe them?

Funny that I thought about the stop sign too, made two versions, and settled on this one, I believe, out of a sense of duty to the truth. I’ve been thinking about this lately and I believe it has something to do with being unable to separate my “photography person” from my “professional person”. I have spent decades telling my students - and myself - not to throw away a data point just because it does not “fit”. This eventually becomes second nature and carries over. Perhaps this would be an interesting discussion topic in one of the discussion groups - I’ll think about it :thinking:

(Ian Wolfenden) #4

Really nice, Alberto - a powerful contrast between the massive trunks and walls and the delicacy of the leaves. I guess many walking through here would never see what you have seen so well !