Autumn prelude

How much poetry is there in autumn?

Technical Details


A lot of poetry. One of my favorite times of the year to shoot.

Many thanks Cameron, I appreciated!

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Another stunning image, Antonio. This is very delicate and soft. That fog is beautiful and moody. Love the carpet of leaves of the floor. Well done!!!

Antonio, this is a rather unconventional composition that surprises me and keeps my attention. The rather tight crop at the left makes me wonder were the branches are pointing at. The image gives me more the impression of a sketch in passing than a carefully worked out composition. And that is striking for me - like jazz in comparison with classical music.
Most of my time photographing I think it is important to work out a composition carefully. But on the other hand it may be equally valuable to capture a fugitive impression more like an improvisation or brief sketch.

Thanks for sharing.

And congrats on the release of your book “Hypnosis”!

Thank you very much David, I glad your like!

Thank you Peter for your invaluable comment as always. I liked the comparison you made between jazz and classical music, I found it great to describe this image. I think photography is 90% instinct, and if you master composition in a way, you can relax and clear your mind. I love the idea you gave for the sketch.
Thanks also for the congratulations on my book, it was really sweaty and I’m glad it’s finally out.

This has a lovely feeling to it, Antonio. It’s soft, inviting us in to feel the fog and the quiet of the scene; While I would like to have just a tiny bit more space for those delicate branches on the small tree behind the trunks, I still feel this successfully expresses what you were feeling when you saw and made this image. Well done!

What a wonderful image, like it a lot! Must have been a great walk in the woods.

Thank you very much Brenda, I glad your like!

Thank you very much Ola, I appreciated !!