Autumn Wood Duck

An autumn Wood Duck drake in fresh breeding plumage just as the sun was rising. Thanks for taking a look and all comments and critiques are appreciated.

D300 500mm @ f8, 1/200 ISO 280

Definitely one of the most colorful ducks around and you did it full justice, jay. A lovely image with good detail and a nice head turn. I like the reflections on the water as well. Very well done. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Thanks Dennis. It sure is fun to spend a morning lying next to a pond being able to photograph these birds.

He is gorgeous, and you captured him perfectly, Jay!

Just adding my agreement with previous comments. A very nice photo!

Beautiful bird in great conditions. Colors look excellent. I’d experiment with a less boxy crop, but I do think this works as presented.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts on this. I wish that the image could convey the feeling of being there - it was a great morning.

Lyle - thanks. I do realy like this in the original 4x6 format also.

Exceptional colors and detail on the duck and great lighting over all. Love the coordinated color tones in the scene. Superb close up this beautiful duck, Jay!