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Back to Nature

(Alberto Patiño Douce) #1

I came across this remarkable TV set during a casual Thanksgiving stroll around Athens’ old town, close to the UGA campus. This is a very run-down neighborhood, with many derelict and abandoned houses. and a few still occupied by the bohemian/hippy crowd. As most of these places around the country, the area is undergoing gentrification and just around the corner from these houses there are new luxury condos and townhouses.

My activities attracted the attention of the local constabulary. As I was wrapping-up my shots of the TV a squad car parked in front of me, blue lights burning bright. A friendly officer approached me and inquired about my “business taking photos”. I explained that I was just an amateur indulging in my hobby and all was well - we ended up commiserating about him having to work until midnight on Thanksgiving day. Nice fellow, but I wonder who called the cops on me?

Leica Vario Elmar 35-70mm, probably f/4. Sony A7II, ISO 400, 1/160s, minor adjustments in Capture One.

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(Harley Goldman) #2

This is great. I have never seen a TV looking like this. Extremely unique and well-situated for an image. Fun one!!!

(Lon Overacker) #3

Great story along with the image. I can just picture it all… (pun intended?)

(Alberto Patiño Douce) #4

Thank you guys! Indeed, I’ve never seen anything like this before. I can’t imagine how that much lichen managed to get a hold on the plastic, or how long it took to get to this stage. Interestingly there was no growth on the screen, and it did not look as if anybody had cleaned it - probably just too smooth to get a hold on.