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A few years of researching and exploring this area I finally discovered the perfect pocket of healthy trees that framed some of my favorite mountains in Colorado. Considering the trees elevation I was excited to find the leaves still vibrant and holding on in a sea of leave-less nearby trees.

Two images…pano and a typical 2:3…

Kane Engelbert

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Superb… I prefer the pano.

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Kane, the 2:3 is nice, but the pano is spectacular. The light and color in the sky is sublime, and I think the pano does a much better job of showcasing those elements. I especially like what is going on in the far right side of the pano, which gets cropped out of the 2:3. The nice soft light lets the colors really come through in this image.

Both are great viewing, but the pano is the winner for me as well. The bare trees and distant mountains in the pano add a lot to the comp for me.


Thanks Ed, being a pano lover for years my eyes are always looking for scenes that can span a living room wall. I always like to include a traditional crop for web viewing purposes. Thanks for the nice comments.

Gorgeous and well composed scene, Kane!

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The pano makes it look grander.

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Gorgeous autumn scenic. The bonus of the pano is the inclusion of the way-back far ridge, giving this great depth and expanse. You persistence has paid off. No doubt you’ll return here again.


@Kane_Engelbert these are superb mate!! That pano is special though. Love the depth and the framing of it. I’m really drawn by the distant peaks…makes me want to go there and see what the deal is

Kane, both are nice, but the pano really opens it up for more of this beautiful country, especially the distant mountains and luscious warm light over there.