Bald Eagle Repost

The eagle had been sitting on these very old clam processing plant pilings. It was watching the bottom of the bay as the sandy/muddy bottom was exposed as the tide receded. It would suddenly pop up and drop on a little unsuspecting fish or other creature, gulp it down and then return to a pile to restart the process.
It was pretty cold and dreary and probably some wind. This lets me think that as the eagle folded the wings back in perhaps it puffs up all the feathers to trap some nice insulating air. Just a guess.

Specific Feedback Requested

For some reason I had a hard time processing this photo. So I am wondering if it is over processed.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
R5, 500mm + 1.4 Ext., f/5.6, 1/1600,/ISO 2500. Tripod, Cropped to 52% of width and 48% of height. LRCC, Topaz Denoise AI, and PS to remove some bg bits and one other fg pile which was not intersecting.

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This is really nice. Great details, despite the high ISO. I like the wing position and the perch. Exposure is spot on. I suppose, in an ideal world, you wouldn’t have had the OOF perch in front, but it really doesn’t bother me much.

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It is interesting why we pick a photo Here is another. No interrupting oof pile but also no tail and no raised foot and head is not completely outlined by brown feathers.

I think both are wonderful! Nothing looks over processed to me and the IQ looks great. The OOF piling contributes a nice bit of color with the moss.

Both images are excellent, David. I see where you were worried about the overprocessing. the feather layering looks possibly more defined than one might expect. but with the feathers fluffed up like that, it certainly passes for natural. I don’t see any hint of overprocessing in the primaries and I’m guessing you processed the entire bird the same way.

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Both fine captures David. I don’t think they are over processed. If I had to choose, I think I’d go for the second image without the oof stump in front plus a like the look you captured. Well done.