An image from a trip to Costa Rica last year with my father who is an avid birder.



Specific Feedback Requested:

I try to limit my use of content aware fill in photoshop but was wondering If I should clean up the background . Should I brighten the birds face?

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Is this a composite?
This is not a composite. 1/1600, f5.6 ISO 4000, 400mm. Topaz denoise AI applied and some cropping.

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Cleaning up the background would be beneficial, especially the out of focus in the far right and far left. Looks good for iso-4000. I spent a week+ in Costa Rica almost 2 years ago and shooting conditions are very difficult with respect to light.

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Very pretty combination of the bird and the flower. I could see you lightening up the face a bit. Not too much because it looks pretty good as is. I like the thought of cleaning up the left side and Then some on right side. The more oof that is removed I think will only add to the photo. Very nice pose.

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Here is a reworked image with face slightly brightened and content aware fill, clone, and patch tool to clean the background. Thanks for the feedback.

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Nice image to start with and an excellent job on the reworked version, Bryan.

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